Italian Gin conquers Berlin at BCB 2018

A big stand focused on Italian gin will welcome the visitors of Bar Convent Berlin, one of the leading international trade fairs for the bar and beverage industry: the Made in Italy is ready to join the flourishing gin market all over the world.

The date is 8th to 10th October at Bar Convent Berlin. This year the Country of Honour of the most important European trade fair for the bar and beverage industry is Italy and there will be a special focus on Italian gins. Over 14.000 visitors will be welcomed by a big stand that gather together some of the best Italian gins producers and brand owners . They will be able to taste more than 15 brands with over 20 labels straight or mixed thanks to the bar within the stand. Moreover, a brand new Italian gin with a very special botanical will be first previewed during the event.
The Italian Gins Stand has been conceived and coordinated by That’s the Spirit , founder of , the most important Italian website focused on gin culture. The goal is to help Italian distillers exporting their product and being known in international markets . During the trade fair, That’s the Spirit will also launch its new project “ Adopt a Gin ” aimed to help European producers exporting their gins in Italy. Both projects are build in a perspective of collaboration between all the players in the gin market.
It’s not a very known fact, but gin production in Italy is growing fast . In the last five years more than 170 Italian gins were put on the market (and more are to be launched). This gins are remarkable for the high quality of the distillate, the abundance and variety of great ingredients and the outstanding diversity between each product in terms of taste and botanicals. After all, Italy is renowned in the world for its high quality botanicals (Tuscan juniper berries are the most used in gin all over the globe) and for its expert distillers, but also for its great creativity. So, it’s not unexpected such an outstanding production concerning gin. Juniper distillates were common in Italy far before the invention of gin, an example is the work of the Medical School of Salerno since the IX century d.C. (Richard Barnett, The Book of Gin ). The aim of is to get people to know this great aspect of the Made in Italy thanks to promotional campaigns and helping Italian gin brands getting visibility in international trade fairs, first of all the Bar Convent Berlin.
Marco Bertoncini, co-founder at That’s the Spirit and creator of, said: “Since the beginning of our activity with, we have two goals: spreading the knowledge about gin in the country and being a link between producers, brand owners, distributors, bartenders, consumers and stakeholders. We know it’s an ambitious project, but the Italian Gin Stand at Bar Convent Berlin 2018 represent an important step in the right direction. We hope everyone could enjoy this great Italian gins, because we are proud to be able to give them the opportunity to be known in the world. We’re sure this is not a trend of the moment and that this business will keep growing and it will continue attracting investors.”
The brands at the Italian Gin Stand:

● Bonasi Brand: Gin David
● Cantine Sant’Agata: Gin Agricolo Evra, Gadàn e Blagheur
● Beniamino Maschio: Kapriol Dry Gin, Gin Aqva Lvce
● Pure Sardinia: Solo Wild Gin, Doro Aged Gin
● Notwork Production: Gin Mì e Gin Tì
● Picogrammo: PhD Gin, 1528 Gin Liqueur al Cacao
● Mercury Spirits Ltd: VII Hills Italian Dry Gin
● Levante Spirits: Ginepraio
● Extra Srl: Taggiasco ExtraVirGin
● Francoli: Gin Acqueverdi
● About Ten: Greedy Gin
● Virus Srl: Gin Tifi
● Hemp Herb Organics: launch of their first gin
● Gin Moletto

All the brands could be tasted in cocktails at the bar within the Stand run by Mixer Srl ,
renowned for its gorgeous mixers.

The official sponsor of the Stand is Fava Bibite , international producer of high quality soft drinks, offering Gin Tonics with their premium Imperdibile tonic waters such as Superior Italian Tonic Water, Dry Bitter Tonic Water,
Bergamotto Fancy, Oak Wood Tonic Water and Wild Botanical. With more than 100.000 visitors per month, is the biggest Italian website focused
on gin culture and safe drinking.
Bar Convent Berlin: BCB was founded in 2007 by the bar and beverage experts Jens
Hasenbein, Bastian Heuser and Helmut Adam. Since its inception Bar Convent Berlin has grown
into one of the leading international trade fairs for the bar and beverage industry.

Location: Station Berlin & Kühlhaus Berlin
Luckenwalder Str. 4–6, 10963 Berlin