Surrounded by the green Brughiera natural park, Fava Bibite is present in the soft drink bottling field with an experience of over fifty years; a walk of success enriched by the family direction that has always believed in the search of quality: from the choice of best ingredients, to accurate laboratory controls, to receiving of raw material at chemical, physical and organoleptic level, continuing in all subsequent steps up to obtaining the final produc



Today Fava Bibite is a modern company with a covered surface of 9.000 square meters on an area of 20.000 square meters, capable of carrying out glass, plastic and aluminium bottling in formats from 10 cl. to 200 cl. at high productive frequencies. Using bottling plants that are highly sophisticated for efficiency, reliability and automation, it is therefore possible to realise any type of hot and cold, carbonated and non-carbonated, alcoholic and soft filling. All stages of production are constantly monitored by efficient and modern computer systems that allow the most advanced management traceability.

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For Fava Bibite the term ‘quality’ is not a theoretical concept, but the result of precise structural and productive choices for a continuous improvement. In addition to stringent quality controls and management required by many leading multinational companies in the drinks sector, alongside the voluntary certification standards adopted by Fava Bibite not only to increase recognition by the market, but to certify its value and capabilities.



Not only because surrounded by greenery Natural Park Brughiera, but aware that the nature needs concrete attention Fava Bibite is accountable for their choices even in the environmental field, engaging in ecologically sustainable development and environmental protection. All processes of production arising from the main activities took into consideration the possible environmental impacts, and its technological development is sustainable and ensures compliance with its environmental policy, the terms and responsibility necessary for the proper and efficient management, in addition to many national laws, regional and municipal regulations on environmental and with reference to the codes of good corporate practice

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